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Oxford Road, Leeds, West Yorkshire LS20 9DA


Headteacher - Mrs Sally Buckton

Guiseley Primary School


We aim to equip the children with a range of mathematical skills and a body of appropriate knowledge, with particular regard to the four rules of numeracy – number, shape and space, measures and data handling.

We aim to provide a challenging environment in which children are encouraged to apply the mathematical knowledge and skills they have acquired.

We aim to give your child the opportunity to:-

The use of mathematical vocabulary

See mathematics as relevant and important part in everyday life.

The following documents show how we teach calculating skills throughout the school:

Guiseley Primary addition policy Dec 2017.docx

Guiseley Primary subtraction policy Dec 2017.docx

Guiseley Primary multiplication policy Jan 2019.pdf

Guiseley Primary division policy - Dec 2017.doc



Promoting positive messages about maths...

Thinking positively about maths is crucial to being successful in this subject.  There is a damaging myth in some countries that some people are born with a "maths brain" and others are not.  This has been resoundingly disproved by research.  New studies show that any student can reach the highest levels of maths.  Children should be encouraged to believe that they are capable of learning anything and the more they do, the cleverer they will get.  Children should be taught that there is no such thing as a maths person.  Please never say "I was terrible at maths at school" as this will promote negative thoughts and fear about learning maths.


This is a great video for promoting the idea that the harder you work in maths, the better you will become!

Taken from an article written by Jo Boaler (Professor of Mathematics.)


Mathletics is an interactive online maths resource which allows children to play Maths games against other class members and also against other children from all over the world! This can be accessed from the 'pupil zone' section of the website. Children's individual logins are on the back of their reading records.

We also use some Maths games on the ipads including ‘Hit the Button’. This is a free online resource which allows children to practise learning important things like times tables.

The following is a list of more websites which we recommend for children wanting to play maths games at home.

A really great caterpillar sequencing game that lets you practise sequences in all different ways, forwards and backwards etc with varying levels of difficulty.

A simple game good for practising odd or even numbers.

A great game for practising place value with a shark and takes bites out of a boat. Click on ‘blocks’ instead of ‘cups.’

A good game physically sorting sheep into 2 pens to practise halving numbers.

A good game for 2 players practising simple takeaways and practising being able to count backwards from a 2 digit number. The winner tips goo on the other person’s head.

Numbers to 20 - larger doubles

A few different games for practising knowing your doubles off by heart, choose Robin Hood dartboard game 1 and 2 for harder doubles.

A really good game for practising x tables off by heart, firing from a plane at the correct answer.

A good game for having to pay for different priced items only up to 50p.

Lots of number fact games, funky mummy is a good, funny game children love!


We hope you enjoy looking at these websites and playing the maths games with your child!