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Headteacher - Mrs Sally Buckton

Guiseley Primary School

Nursery gallery


At the beginning of this term,  we looked at the story 'Jack and the beanstalk'. Following on from this story, the children planted their own broad beans. We looked very carefully at following instructions on what to do, and how to care for them after.  We were shocked to hear that the Giant had visited Nursery one evening! He was so impressed with our beans, that he wanted the children to help write instructions to help him plant his own. This created a lot of excitement!    

Traditional Tales

We have spent some time looking in detail at the story of ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’.
When children were familiar with the story, some children had a turn at re-telling the story themselves using pictures. The children had to think about what events happened at the beginning, middle and end of the story.
We also made porridge by following a recipe. Children tasted the porridge and we voted on which porridge the children in class preferred - too sweet, too salty or just right. Can you guess which was the most popular? 

Some children used scissors to cut out their own stick puppets, this meant that they could take their puppets home and re-tell the story to their families. 

Our second traditional story was The Gingerbread Man and children made their own gingerbread biscuit. Unfortunately, one escaped and was last seen running around Guiseley.  After reading the story, one child was concerned that a fox might try to get into school to eat our biscuits. We used the internet to research if foxes could climb up a wall or jump over a fence. Then children set to work to build their own protective wall to keep the biscuits safe. This was wonderful to see, and children worked together, combining many resources to make a tall wall. 
Fairy garden
We had a child led topic and made some fantastic fairy land play spaces. When we arrived at nursery one day, we found a fairy letter box and some fairy visitors, they asked us to send them some messages and label our work with our names. This generated a lot of excitement and children were eager to mark make. The role play areas captured the imaginations of many children and we noticed how groups of children engaged in this theme of play for a sustained period of time. 
Chinese New Year
We have been getting Nursery ready for Chinese New Year.
This year is the year of the Ox. I wonder if you know why the colour red is liked by many Chinese? With help, children had the opportunity to make a concertina dragon. This involved folding paper backwards and forwards to make a concertina body. You then added a head, feet and tail using glue to your dragon.
Supermarket shop
Our new supermarket is popular, before the children visited the supermarket they were encouraged to write their own shopping list. Some children were able to sound out the initial letter of the foods they wanted to buy.
The staff took it in turns to act out being the cashier. There was a lot of modelling and modelled language used. 
The children are enjoying their visits.

Science week

The children in Nursery were given the task to experiment with 'ice'. This was very exciting!

As our topic is 'fairies', we managed to add a bit of magic to our investigation. We wanted to design an ice garden for the fairies, whilst investigating what happened to the ice if we left it in different conditions.

First of all, we had a look at an ice garden that was already prepared. The children had the opportunity to pass the ice to each other and think of words to describe how it felt and what it looked like. This was very much enjoyed, and the children came up with some very interesting words. The children were already noticing what was happening to the ice as they passed it along- it was 'dripping' and 'melting'. We talked about our hands being warm, and that this was maybe the reason.
We then had a go at making our own ice gardens. The children selected leaves and glitter to add to the trays, then poured in some cold water. We then put it into the freezer to freeze. To our amazement, a fairy had flown into the freezer that night (looking for food) and had got trapped! She was frozen!
We needed to rescue her quickly, we didn't want to break her free as her wings were delicate! We talked about what we could do to save her quickly. The children came up with the idea of placing the tray somewhere warm, so we placed it on the radiator, and within 10 minutes she was free -phew!
The children learnt that ice melts quick, but even faster in warm places!

Autumn fun in Rainbow class!

Autumn in Gold class