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Headteacher - Mrs Sally Buckton

Guiseley Primary School

Year 3 Blog

Summer 1

Year 3 have had a fantastic time learning all about the Romans this half term.  We found out what the Roman Empire was and where it originated from and how it became so big and powerful. We compared the different invasion attempts on Britain by the Romans. We watched a time lapse video of what happened in the town of Pompeii in 79 AD - then the children wrote a description of Pompeii before and after Mount Vesuvius erupted using adjectives, adverbs and time adverbials to make their writing detailed and exciting! There were some absolutely fabulous descriptions. We loved learning about Boudicca and why she rebelled against the Romans - she really caught our imaginations. We learned why and how the Romans built roads in Britain. We used Kiddle to do some further research in the computing suite and created our own word documents with text and pictures, which we learned how to save onto the school system. We enjoyed making (and eating) Roman bread.  Finally, we have had a fantastic, creative week celebrating Queen Elizabeth II's Platinum Jubilee!

Spring 2

We have had another very busy half term including Pink Class assembly and a trip to see the flood defences at Otley River. We have learned lots about rivers including work on the upper source and lower source, meanders and oxbow lakes. We enjoyed a very informative visit from Mr Berry, one of the engineers that worked on the flood defences in Otley.

In science we have done lots of investigations. We have learned about finger prints and how to make rockets from paper and milk bottles.

In English, we wrote a story using inverted commas for direct speech. We have learned the six times table and have used lots of games and dances to help us recall the facts quickly. We have done lots of work on measuring in centimetres, millimetres and metres and learned how to calculate the perimeter of a shape.

Spring 1

This half term, we have been learning about the Ancient Egyptians. We have loved learning about how and why the pyramids were built and what the Egyptians did when someone died! We have learned about the importance of the River Nile.

In Science, we have been learning about Forces and Magnetism. We have learned about forces that push and forces that pull. We have learned about friction and how the speed of a car rolling down a ramp is affected by the type of surface it rolls on. We did several investigations using magnets. We found out that not all coins are magnetic. After 1992, more steel was added so newer coins are magnetic but older coins are not! 

 In English, we have written play scripts based on a book called 'The Journey' by Aaron Becker. We also wrote a diary entry using the idea of a magic crayon from the book. The writing has been fantastic!

 In maths, we have been learning how to divide two digit numbers and how to add and subtract money and how to work out change. A VERY important life skill to have!


We are looking forward to the longer days of spring and our next topic on Rivers!

Autumn 2 – Mountains

Another exciting and busy half term for Year 3. The topic for this half term has been mountains, which many of the children seem to have taken a keen interest in. In Geography, the children have learnt how to use an atlas correctly, using the index and co-ordinates. We have been so impressed with how quickly they learnt this skill, and they have loved being able to use the atlas to find and record many different mountain ranges of the world and in Great Britain.

Our English focus has been information texts, and we also linked this to mountains. The children have become familiar with the features of information texts and looked at and compared a range of them – deciding which is the better text and why. Following on from this, we used the internet, power points and books to research information about the Himalayas, and wrote our very own assessed piece of writing on them. The children produced some fantastic work!

In art, we worked on the technique of layering and perspective to produce a mountain range picture. We did this by tearing different materials which became our mountain range, and layered the different materials over one another to create our picture  The result was really effective!

Science was another exciting topic with lots of investigations into 'Light and Dark.' The children have learnt about what darkness is, sources of light, how light travels, shadows, reflections and lots more. One of the children's favourite investigations was finding out which types of objects could be seen easily in very little light, and if this changed when more light was added.  They found out that lighter and more brightly coloured objects could be seen more easily. This led onto discussions and learning  about how to stay safe in the dark at night, and how important it is to wear something that has reflective material on it.  

It's been all things Christmas for this final week of term! The Christmas dinner and party was a huge hit, with some amazing dance moves and  prizes won! The children also settled down for a short Christmas film and some sweet treats (made by the school kitchen staff), which were very yummy! 

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas, and hope that the children all enjoy some special family time. We will see you in 2022, when we will be moving onto the brilliant topic of The Egyptians!

Autumn 1 - The Stone Age

What a busy first half term to start the year off! Year 3 have learnt all about The Stone Age. From Stone Age cave art, recreating Stone Henge itself and designing and making their very own Stone Age tools, the children have loved all of the art and design technology that they have worked on. 

The Stone Age workshop with 'Go Wild Outdoors' was a huge hit with all of the children. They looked closely at different pieces of flint that had been carefully carved to make a range of tools. They explored evolution and the different ways of making fire, and even got to have a go at making their own fires! The hand-print cave art they did looked amazing! The children also learnt more about how Stone Age people hunted, and had the opportunity to try some soft archery.  Den building was also thoroughly enjoyed by all of the children and staff. 

In Science we have been learning all about rocks, including the three different types of rocks (sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic), how fossils are formed and how soil is made. The children have helped to plan and conduct a range of experiments to test the permeability of different rocks, show how fossilisation works, and to explore the different layers in soil.

During Art Week, the children learnt all about the American artist Kara Walker. Much of her artwork is based on silhouettes. The children thought about a happy memory that they had, and then recreated this in the form of a silhouette picture, with some very effective results. 

We are looking forward to the second half of the Autumn term, when our new topic will be 'Mountains'.