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Oxford Road, Leeds, West Yorkshire LS20 9DA


Headteacher - Mrs Sally Buckton

Guiseley Primary School


Guiseley Primary School is an inclusive school where the teaching and learning, achievements, attitudes and well-being of every young person matter.

All children have equal access to all aspects of the school curriculum regardless of gender, race, religion or ability.

At Guiseley Primary School we aim to ensure that each pupil achieves their academic and social potential, and that they leave the school with the skills and knowledge they will need to make a fulfilling contribution to society.

Therefore, pupils need to know, on a regular basis, where they are succeeding in school and what their next steps for development are.  Teachers need to know how effective they are in developing their pupils’ understanding and skills.  Parents have the right to know how well their children are progressing and developing.

At Guiseley Primary School we believe that assessment underpins every aspect of learning.  We aim to ensure that:

  • Assessment is an integral part of teaching and learning, based on best practice, focusing on the curriculum and that it lies at the heart of promoting children’s education.
  • High quality, in depth teaching, is supported and informed by high quality formative (ongoing) assessment.
  • The school ethos promotes and emphasises the opportunity for all children to succeed if taught and assessed effectively.
  • There is always a clear purpose for assessing and assessment is fit for its intended purpose.
  • Assessment is used to focus on monitoring and supporting children’s progress, attainment and wider outcomes.
  • Assessment provides information which is clear, reliable and free from bias and informs teaching and learning.
  • Assessment supports informative and productive conversations with pupils and parents.
  • Children take responsibility for achievements and are encouraged to reflect on their own progress, understand their strengths and identify what they need to do to improve.
  • We achieve our assessment without adding unnecessarily to teacher workload.
  • Assessment is inclusive of all abilities.
  • A range of assessments are used including ‘Formative Assessment’, ‘In-School Summative Assessment’ and ‘Nationally Standardised Summative Assessment’.

Statutory Assessment Results

We are very proud of the achievement of all our children.


Foundation Stage                                                                                     2016          2017           2018           2019            Leeds        National

Good Level of Development                                                             63.3%        78.3%        70.7%         67.2%          66.4%       71.8%   

Average Total Points Score                                                               35.7            37.8             36.1            36.2              34.8           34.6                          


Key Stage One                                                                                           2016         2017           2018          2019               Leeds        National

Reading - attaining Expected Standard or better               77.5%        82.5%        81.4%       79.7%           69.9%       74.9%              

                       working at Greater Depth                                           31.5%        35.1%         35.6%      33.9%           21.4%       25%                      


Writing - attaining Expected Standard or better                70.8%        59.6%         67.8%      66.1%           63.5%        69.2%                  

                     working at Greater Depth                                             22.5%           9.6%          11.9%     18.6%          11.6%        14.7%   


Maths - attaining Expected Standard or better                   70.8%         67.5%       72.9%       76.3%          70.6%       75.6%    

                   working at Greater Depth                                               25.8%         16.7%        22%          28.8%          18.4%       21.7%  

Key Stage Two                                                                                                                                                             2019            Leeds        National

Reading - attaining Expected Standard or better                                                                                 67.4%          69.1%        73.1%

                      working at Greater Depth                                                                                                             25.6%           24%             26.9%                                                                    


Writing - attaining Expected Standard or better                                                                                  67.4%           73.9%        78.4%

                     working at Greater Depth                                                                                                               20.9%           17.9%        20.1%


Maths - attaining Expected Standard or better                                                                                      65.1%           75.5%        78.6%

                  working at Greater Depth                                                                                                                   16.3%           25.8%       26.6%

Average scaled scores:    Reading                                                                                                                        103.8                                 104.4

Maths                                                                                                                             104                                     105

Grammar Punctuation & Spelling (GPS)                                                  105.5                                 106.3




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There are no members of staff employed by school who earn £100,000 or more.

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