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Headteacher - Mrs Sally Buckton

Guiseley Primary School

Year 1 Blog

Summer 1

Year 1 have had a great half term with lots of learning taking place outdoors with the nicer weather, although we still had a few unexpected showers in the midst of lessons. In mathematics, we have been learning about groups and arrays as the introduction to multiplication and sharing as the start of division. Children have counted in twos, fives and tens to help them count the groups they have been making. We have also introduced the children to fractions, including halves and quarters of objects and small quantities. 


In our computing lessons, we have been learning simple programming skills. The children created their own Bee bot maps and after learning about the different buttons on the Bee bot, began to program the device to take a specific route. The children challenged each other by asking them to travel to certain areas of the map but going via another place on route. 

In our geography lessons, Year 1 have been learning all about the local area. We have used photographs to identify human and physical features in the locality and we have completed some map work skills around our school grounds using aerial maps. The children even created their own aerial view maps of the classroom. They used simple symbols and colours to represent items in the class and created a key.


In design and technology lessons, there has been a focus on food technology. The children have learnt where food comes from and whether fruits and vegetables grow on trees, plants or underground. We have sorted foods into the different sections of the Eat-well guide and spoken about having a varied diet. The children created their own healthy dishes on a paper plate and explained to their peers why they had chosen specific foods. Finally, the children practised the skills of peeling, grating and two different techniques to cut their fruit and vegetables; the bridge and claw techniques. 

Spring 2: Carnival of the animals topic

To launch our topic ‘Carnival of the animals’ the classroom had an amazing collection of pets for the week. We had a bunny, two budgies, a hamster, some fish and even an axolotl! Thank you to Mrs Schack for organising such a memorable hook. The children learnt how to look after pets in real time and loved reading and writing about the pets we had. The children also enjoyed our vets and other animal themed role-play areas.

Tropical world trip

Year 1 had a trip to tropical world, which we loved exploring for part of the day. We enjoyed the ‘Variety of life’ science workshop. We learnt about classifying animals into groups and a little about animal adaptation. We continued with these topics in our science lessons, across the half term.

In science, we learnt about animal groups and classified animals both in school and on our trip to tropical world. We now know the characteristics of each group and can sign the animal group song to remind us about it.


Following on from our Science work about animal groups, the children did some amazing writing, producing posters all about snakes and sharks.

After learning about birds, we loved watching an owl webcam for the week. We enjoyed reading an extract from ‘The owl who was afraid of the dark’ by Jill Tomlinson. After learning about headings and exploring non-fiction texts, we used headings to make some informative books about Owls.


We really enjoyed a very practical block of learning on measurement, this half term. We started with length and introduced the 'cm' ruler. We loved measuring objects around the classroom. When learning about capacity, we enjoyed some outdoor learning, using various containers in our water trays to explore ‘empty’, ‘nearly empty’, ‘full’, ‘half full’ and ‘nearly full’. We explored how many smaller containers it would take to fill a larger one. For capacity, we used balance scales and cubes as our unit of measurement. We found out how many cubes it took to balance the scales with various classroom objects.


In RE, we learnt about signs and symbols. The children drew logos and uniforms that were familiar e.g. the Guiseley Primary logo and uniform, the clothes worn for Rainbows and for football. We compared these to the clothes people wear as part of their faith. Finally, we talked about buildings that are familiar and introduced the buildings where people go to worship e.g. a church or a mosque. We recognised some of the symbols for different faiths on the pictures of the buildings.


We used pom poms to create these lovely Owl paintings. In DT, the children made some super snakes similar to paper chains. A variety of painting and colouring skills were used to produce some fantastic art work linked to each animal group. Paper folding was used to create some beautiful lion manes. The children used play dough and also foil to mould and shape reptiles such as snakes. We used paper folding skills again to make some origami cats, dogs and rabbits.


We consolidated our mouse skills in the computer suite and used ‘dazzle’ to create some animal art work linked to our science topic.

Spring 1

During our Maths lessons this half term we have been focusing on place value with numbers to 50. Children have practised exchanging 10 ones for a stick of ten or a numicon ten plate to help them count their numbers using tens and ones. They have learnt to represent numbers using a variety of resources and can also draw numbers by using sticks to represent tens and dots to represent ones.  We have learnt to count in 2s and 5s and the children were very creative when given an open investigation to show us how they can count in these sequences.

In our English lessons, we have been focusing on writing sentences with spaces between words, capital letters and full stops. We have been practising using conjunctions 'and' and 'because' to extend our sentences and ensuring our letters are sat on the line. The children were inspired to write an adventure story about one of their own toys when we found photographs of our class toys on a night time adventure in school.  We have also learnt the suffixes _ing, _ed and _er and have been applying this knowledge in our sentence writing. A huge well done Year 1 for all your hard work this half term.

Year 1 have been very enthusiastic this half term during our visits to the computer suite for our computing lessons. We have learnt to log on to the computers using our individual usernames and have begun to create and manipulate text. The children have practised using a mouse which was unfamiliar to some and are now more familiar with the keyboard. They know how to type capital letters and some moved on to altering the size and type of font. We used the bold and underline buttons to make our text stand out. A brilliant effort Year 1 with lots of great listening.

Green Class were lucky to have some football coaching this half term. Although it was chilly we kept warm with lots of activities including dribbling, passing, shooting and goal-keeping skills. There are some budding footballers amongst us. Well done Green Class. I hope Yellow Class enjoys it as much as we did after the half term holiday. Huge thanks to our coach, Marcus.

A creative half term in Year 1 starting with some winter artwork using different sized brush strokes. The children also made paper sculptures of winter scenes, learning to fold and curl the paper. During our topic on toys, the children made some old fashioned toys including paper spinners, a cup and ball game and their very own wooden peg doll. They used a variety of materials which they chose themselves and decided how they would attach it to the peg. They look absolutely fantastic and during our discussions about their final product, there was not a lot the children wanted to change! We hope they enjoyed playing with them at home.

Autumn 2

A busy half term for year 1! Our topic on traditional tales led us to explore the stories ‘’Jack and the Beanstalk’ and ‘Little Red Riding Hood’. Our Science topic allowed us to investigate everyday materials and their properties. In mathematics, we explored 2D and 3D shapes before deepening our place value understanding by exploring tens and ones in two-digit numbers. Finally, a nativity! The children have worked very hard this term and we wanted them to enjoy a number of activities related to winter, Christmas and our nativity performance. Please see the photos below for a little more insight in to our activities, this half term.


This half term, we recognised and named 2D and 3D shapes. The children were able to make their own pictures and build models using both 2D and 3D shapes. Lots of creations were made linked to our traditional tales topic. The children were also able to sort shapes using different criteria, for example: ‘rolls, does not roll.’  The children enjoyed challenging themselves to create a repeating pattern of 3 or 4 shapes. The children were introduced to ‘base ten’ to represent tens and ones. We used base ten and also Numicon to make and represent two-digit numbers.


Tempus Fugit Theatre came to launch our 'Traditional tales' topic this half term. The children enjoyed a performance of ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ and ‘Jack and the beanstalk.’  We explored both stories using drama and then analysed some of the language used in these texts, such as sentence openers like ‘Once upon a time’. The children were able to produce their own retelling of the stories.


This half term we covered ‘good touches’ and ‘bad touches’ and we used the NSPCC ‘pants rule’ campaign to learn about keeping private areas covered.

Art and DT

We used tearing to create these lovely woodland scenes. Can you see Little Red Riding Hood and the wolf? We used our understanding brush placement to create thin and thick lines when making a beautiful winter scene.


We completed our science unit about ‘Everyday materials’. We named everyday materials then explored and sorted materials by their properties, for example: soft, hard. We completed an investigation about waterproof materials by testing different umbrellas for Little Red Riding Hood. Unfortunately, some of our volunteers did get wet! Why was that, children?

Road safety week

We had a visitor come and teach us about how to keep safe when crossing the roads.

Autumn 1

 What a busy half term of learning we have experienced in Green and Yellow classes. The children have settled well and are learning the routines and expectations that come with being in Year 1. We have done lots of practical maths as you can see from the photos scrolling below. The children have been introduced to the 'greater than' and 'less than' symbols (< and >) and will be using these regularly throughout the year to compare numbers, calculations and quantities. We have also revisited part-whole models that were introduced in FS2 (Reception) and have written our own number sentences to match. We have tried to think of all the number sentences that link to the three numbers in a part whole model, even those that start with the whole number e.g.  9 = 4+5.


Our topic is 'Marvellous Me' and we have been looking at the human body. The children have made bodies using classroom resources and have labelled them using post-it notes. We even drew round children on large sheets of paper. We have investigated our senses and identified the body parts that link to each sense. We had fun using each sense to try to work out what different objects were. They found it very easy to identify the lemon by smelling and the chocolate by tasting. Year 1 investigated the question, 'Are two eyes better than one?' We had lots of fun trying to catch balls with two eyes and then using just one eye.

Arts Week

What a fun filled week of creativity we had. Year 1 looked at the Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama. She inspired us with her work using dots and circles. The children had some very thoughtful comments to make about her artwork and why they liked the different pieces we looked at. The children couldn't wait to get started with their own creative ideas and have produced some excellent work.


The children have done some fantastic writing this half term, including instruction writing and some poetry about our senses. We wrote an invitation to the tiger to see if he would come for tea. We were thrilled when he did. He came to share the sandwiches that we made. It was a very exciting afternoon.

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