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Headteacher - Mrs Fiona Wharton

Guiseley Primary School

Year 2 Blog 2022-2023

Summer 2

We had a great time during Science week, conduction two investigations: one inside the classroom and one out in the school grounds. In the classroom, we investigated the effect temperature had on the rate at which yeast reacts with water to create a gas. We really enjoyed seeing the balloons expand as the gas was created in the bottle! Outside, we got our hands dirty exploring different soils - noting the colour, texture and smell of each sample we took from the school grounds. Following this, as part of a longer term investigation, we buried two pairs of pants in separate locations in the soil and made a prediction on what we thought might happen - we will find our the answers to that after the summer holiday!

In Art lessons, we looked at the work of Brazilian artist Tarsila do Amaral; her colourful abstract painting style inspired us to create our own piece. Initially, we developed the skills of blending, stippling and mixing colours before then applying our new skills to our own work. In DT lessons, we investigated how to strengthen paper to make a structure that is capable of holding an object - in our case Baby Bear! We enjoyed using (a lot of!) masking tape, joining various paper structures together to make a chair that Baby Bear could sit on.

We used the software Scratch Jr to make a quiz in Computing lessons. We wrote short algorithms that instruct the sprite to respond with a question when tapped.

When learning about the country of Brazil, and Rio de Janeiro, we made the popular 'Pao de Queso' - a soft bread roll filled with melted cheese. We weighed ingredients and kneaded the dough ourselves before baking and finally tasting!

Scratch Jr

Summer 1

What a busy half term the children have had! We have thoroughly enjoyed learning about the significant event of The Great Fire of London as part of our history topic. The children learned all about how the fire started and how long it burned for. A study of how the geographical features and layout of London changed since the fire was also carried out, focusing on how the architecture and building regulations have changed. 

In  science, the topic was Plants and saw the children study the life cycle of plants. We conducted an experiment to see what plants need to grow where the children discovered that cress seeds can grow on cotton wool and no soil!

In computing, the children used the iPad to make music. They experimented with changing the tempo and rhythm. 

We had a special guest PE teacher from Leeds Rhinos. The children had lots of fun developing their throwing and catching skills.

The children also completed their statutory assessments (SATS) and did a super job, we are really proud of them all!

Spring 2

The children of Year 2 have really enjoyed learning about the local historical figure: Sir Titus Salt, finishing with an excellent trip to Saltaire. The children caught two trains to explore the village that they had learned about in history lessons! They  walked around the street, taking time to look at the old houses and civic buildings. Then they enjoyed their lunch in the beautiful setting of Roberts Park. Finally, the children explored the fantastic Salts Mill and spent time learning more about its history in the museum.

In design and technology (DT) the children investigated the use of a linking pivot. They used card and split pins to connect the linkage of their project and produced some impressive moving monsters!

The children studied the work of William Morris in their art lessons this half-term. They used their sketchbooks to produce various designs in his style and then chose their favourite design that would be turned into a fashion design on a t-shirt. They were really excited to use special fabric pens to copy their design onto their shirts, producing some trendy pieces!

Spring 1

The topic for this half term has been Africa.  The children learnt where Africa is and specifically where Kenya is. They then spent time learning about the town of Kitui, Kenya, comparing it to Guiseley by looking in an atlas to to see geographical features then using Google maps street view roads, shops and schools. They then wrote down the similarities and differences that they could see.

The children have been building Ferris wheels in D.T. lessons. At the start of the topic, the children began by considering the materials, shape, construction and mechanisms of their wheel. Then they labelled their designs and began to build a stable structure with a rotating wheel. Next, they will test and adapt their designs as necessary.

In Maths, the children had fun learning about multiplication, looking at equal and unequal groups to then moving on to division where they shared quantities into equal groups using counters at first.


Autumn 2

The children have had a brilliant half-term, which of course included our wonderful Top of the Pops Christmas Special performance. We know that the families who managed to get tickets really enjoyed singing, signing and speaking and were treated to a festive bonanza of classic pop songs.

During science, the children have been furthering their knowledge of materials, including investigating which materials can change shape and exploring the school grounds to conduct a material hunt!

In maths, they have worked really hard to master the skill of adding and subtracting 2-digit numbers and then moving on to the topic of money. They really enjoyed using 'real' coins to buy items in the class shop that was set up in the classroom. 

Leading up to Christmas, the children studied the character of The Grinch from the story 'How The Grinch stole Christmas' written by Dr. Seuss. They then wrote some fantastic descriptions of The Grinch, focusing on using adjectives to describe his appearance and his personality.

Autumn 1

Wow! What a busy start to life in Year 2!.

In maths this half term, the children used base ten and Numicon to support our learning of place value and also began to add and subtract multiples of ten. 

As part of our topic learning about significant individuals, they learnt that Christopher Columbus brought back many 'new' foods to Europe from his travels to the Americas. In DT, they practised chopping and cutting skills to make a fresh vegetable stew, similar to the type of food eaten on the Santa Maria (before it tragically sank!). The children used a claw grip and a bridge grip to safely cut potatoes, onions, carrots and parsnips.

We also learned about the life of the intrepid explorer Amy Johnson, who was the first woman to fly solo from England to Australia. Linked to this, the children enjoyed writing about the Australian outback; describing what they might see, hear, smell and touch in imaginative detail.

In addition, the children made models of a vehicle that an explorer might use using recycled materials.

Finally, in Art week, the children were inspired to paint a landscape piece after studying the work of the local artist Jo Dexter. They mixed their own colours and investigated various brush strokes before painting the famous Cow and Calf rocks in Ilkley.